As an academic research base for conducting theoretical and empirical studies on new market creation from the perspective of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS),

WABOSI aims at accumulating and sharing knowledges on BOS

and contribute to both academics and managers through abundant case studies as well as quantitative studies.


Greetings from WABOSI Director

How to balance winning in the red ocean and creating a blue ocean is a critical issue for companies. “Blue Ocean strategy (BOS)” is a well established theoretical framework for creating a new market by making competition irrelevant. Since its start in April 2016, Waseda Blue Ocean Strategy Research Institute (WABOSI) has been energetically bridging the gaps between marketing, strategy, and innovation to better understand BOS and its related theories. We will keep putting our best efforts to nurture this intellectual platform for academics and managers. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.



KAWAKAMI, Tomoko, Professor, Waseda Business School (Graduate School of Business and Finance)Associate Director

IKEGAMI, Jusuke, Associate Professor, Waseda Business School (Graduate School of Business and Finance)Researcher

IRIYAMA, Akie, Associate Professor, Waseda Business School (Graduate School of Business and Finance)Researcher

Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Professor, Waseda Business School (Graduate School of Business and Finance)


Visiting Researchers (alphabetical)

ISHII, Junzo, Professor of Marketing, University of Marketing Distribution Science

IWAMOTO, Akinori, Associate Professor of Marketing, Kansai University

KAWAHARA, Hidehisa, Professor of Natural Material Engineering, Kansai University

KOTABE, Masaaki, Professor of Global Business and Marketing, Temple University, U.S.

MATSUBAYASHI, Kenji, Professor of Management, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

PARRY, Mark E., IProfessor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, University of Missouri Kansas City, U.S.

SUGIMITSU, Kazunari, Professor of Intellectual Property, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

SUZUKI, Satoko, Associate Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviors, Kyoto University

Research Partners

Joint Research Partners          *alphabetical

Inoue Public Relations, Inc.

Japan Business Management Inc.

JIN Co., Ltd.

Nestle Japan Ltd.

Recruit Marketing Patners Co., Ltd. 

Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd.

Yume no Machi Souzou Iinkai Co., Ltd.

Introduction of WABOSI Director

Tomoko KAWAKAMI, Ph.D.


1988 B.A., Osaka University (B.A.)

1997 Master in Business Administration, Osaka University

2000 Ph.D. in Marketing, Kobe University  

Work Experience

R&D Laboratory, Minolta Camera Co., Ltd. (1988-1994)

Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University(-2015)

Professor of Marketing, Waseda Business School (present)

Editorial Board, Journal of Product Innovation Management (U.S.)

Scientific Committee, Innovation and Product Development Mgt Conference (Europe) 

Visiting Scholar and Affiliate Professor, Univ. of Washington (U.S.) *Fulbrighter

Visiting Scholar, INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (France)

Academic Fellow,  Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Board of Directors, Japan Marketing Academy (Japan)

Board of Directors, Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution (Japan)

Academic Program Development

Established and directed Business Leader Special Program (BLSP), Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University (co-developed with Ms. Jean Choy, Assistant Dean of Foster School of Business, University of Washington) (2007-2011)

Established Kansai University Business Plan Competition (KUBIC), a nation-wide business plan competition for high school and university students (2005-2007)

Representative of the Program for Promoting High-Quality University Education, Good Practice granted by Ministry of Education etc. (MEXT) (2008-2010)


November 1993 Excellent Work Award from Division Director, Minolta Camera Co., Ltd.

March 2003 Telecommunication Social Science Research Award (co-authored)

June 2006 Best Research Book Award, Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution

September 2006 Best Research Book Award, Japan Academy of Business Administration

June 2013, Best Paper Award, EIASM International Product Development Management Conference in Paris (co-authored)

Academic Performance

Published 11 academic articles in SSCI Journals, about 50 conference presentations at AMA, EMAC, AMS, PDMA, IPDMC, KMA, KSMS, ICAMA among others. Selected as Top 100 Asian Marketing Scholars in 2017.

Best Paper Award at the International Conference
Best Paper Award at the International Conference
Top 100 Active Marketing Scholars in Asia
Top 100 Active Marketing Scholars in Asia

Selected Publications

Parry, M. E.  and T.Kawakami (2017),  “The Encroachment Speed of Potentially Disruptive Innovations with Indirect Network Externalities: The Case of E-Readers,” Journal of Product Innovation Management 32(2): 141-158.


Kawakami, T., and M. E. Parry (2015), "The Adoption of Electronic Innovations with Indirect Network Externalities that Compete with Standalone Physical Products," Creativity and Innovation Management 24(3): 430-448.


Kawakami, T., G. Barczak, and S. S. Durmuşoğlu (2015),  “Information Technology Tools in New Product Development: The Impact of Complementary Resources," Journal of Product Innovation Management 32(4): 141-158: 622-635.


Kawakami, T., and M. E. Parry (2013),  “The Impact of Word-of-Mouth Sources on the Perceived Usefulness of an Innovation,” Journal of Product Innovation Management 30(6): 1112-1127.


Parry, M. E. T. Kawakami, and K. Kishiya (2012), “The Effect of Personal and Virtual Word-of-Mouth on Technology Acceptance,”  Journal of Product Innovation Management 29(6): 952-966.


Kawakami, T., M. E. Parry and K. Kishiya (2012), “Personal Word-of-Mouth, Virtual Word-of-Mouth, and Innovation Use,”  Journal of Product Innovation Management 30(1): 17-30.


Kawakami, T., D. L. Maclachlan and A.Stringfellow (2012), “New Venture Performance in China, Japan and US: The Impact of Formalized Market Information Processes,”  Journal of Product Innovation Management 29(2): 275-287.


Kawakami, T.,, S. S. Durmusoglu and G. Barczak (2011),  “Factors Influencing Information Technology Usage for New Product Development: The Case of Japanese Companies,” Journal of Product Innovation Management 28(6): 833-847.